An Anchorage man was charged with attempting to kill a police officer with a hatchet.

Police say on May 25, around 4:28 a.m., they responded to a report of someone breaking into cars near Morningside Loop, between Old and New Seward Highways.

When police arrived, they say they tried to make contact with the suspect, 32-year-old Howard Watson, who ended up coming at an officer with pepper spray. Police say a Taser was used, but it didn’t stop him.

According to a press release, Watson ran away from the officer with the Taser, and when the officer tried to catch him, Watson turned around and ran at him with a hatchet raised over his head. That was when the officer fired his gun at Watson, police say.

The Office of Special Prosecution found that the officer’s use of deadly force was justified.

Thursday, Watson was charged with attempted murder in the first degree and faces up to 99 years in prison.

He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday, July 31.