If you’ve got kids, you likely know the Kratt brothers — hosts of Zoboomafoo and the Wild Kratts on PBS. The creative adventuring duo is in Alaska this week, to bring a taste of Alaska, in real time.

Hosts Chris and Martin Kratt and the PBS crew have cameras and correspondents spread out across the state to give audiences a glimpse of what’s going on, at the very moment you’re watching — whether it’s bears on the shore of Katmai, salmon swimming upstream or eagles nesting.

The series focuses on the short, but bountiful summer feast, which many of Alaska’s animals rely on for survival.

Daybreak chatted with Chris via FaceTime on Monday. He said the live element is what really gives viewers a taste of the unexpected, you can only encounter in Alaska.

“When you go off on a wildlife expedition and we’ve had many, you know, throughout our careers, you know you’re going to where the animals are,” Chris said. “You know you’re going to where the action is, but you don’t know exactly, what’s going to happen. You don’t know exactly what you’re going to capture the animals doing, and what kind of behaviors. So, it’s part of the excitement of kind of like going out into the unexpected world of nature.”

Chris went on to say that visiting the state is the greatest vacation anyone could take because a lot of people don’t get the chance to come to Alaska, so they’re bringing it to viewers at the comforts of their own home. Since the state is so vast, Chris hopes the show will take Alaskans to places they may not have seen yet.

The next show will air on Wednesday, July 26 on PBS.

Each episode can be streamed at the PBS website.