A mural in Alaska Pacific University’s Atwood Center was in its last stages Monday afternoon.

Artist Andrew Morrison started the project Wednesday. Since Friday, he’s been painting six to seven hours a day.

The mural is a representation of the tribal people that live in Alaska. It consists of images of Native Americans throughout the state. Each tribal region is represented on different panels of the mural.

The mural’s cultural significance is historic to the state of Alaska, Morrison said.

“Long before there was a government, long before the United States became [sic] into existence, these cultural symbols have been thousands of years old, and the evolution of these art forms and the practices of these people on the wall represent a culture that preexisted before modern day,” he explained.

Morrison said many of the mural’s images are sacred to the Native American people and their culture. “So for me to be in a position to be out here is very privileged.”

The mural consists of many colors.

“That symbolism of the paint being used is the symbolism of the tribal identities throughout the whole state of Alaska, they’re very diverse,” Morrison said.

Morrison expects the mural will be finished by Tuesday night.