Chief Meteorologist

You can find my weather forecasts Monday-Friday at 5, 6 and 10 p.m.!

Forecasting the weather is not only my career, it’s my passion, my hobby and was my dream to do professionally since before I could drive.

I first fell in love with the sky while flying as a young girl. I always found my way to the window, nose to the glass, watching the clouds float by. One of those flights was right here to Anchorage.

I was desperate to know what caused the clouds to form eddies and swirls, or how the towering cumulus or the thin cirrus clouds formed. Why did some people see rain and others sleet or hail? Growing up in Oregon the weather changed constantly and there was always something new to ponder about the sky.

I dreamed of understanding the weather, but also to tell others about it. I knew with this knowledge I could help keep people safe, informed and prepared for whatever weather would come their way.

It was at Whitworth University where I learned to communicate with a mass audience. While studying journalism, public speaking and hosting a weekly radio show, I took just about every math, physics, and earth science class I could fit it in.

I then went on to Oregon State University where I earned a Master’s degree in Atmospheric Science. Not only did I get all the answers to my questions about the weather, but I got to teach undergraduate classes on meteorology and conducted cutting-edge research on atmospheric flow patterns.

After internships in Spokane, Washington, and Portland, Oregon I landed my first on-air meteorologist job in Eugene, Oregon where I stayed for over eight years. I got to forecast from the beach, from the tops of mountains and everywhere in between. I covered historic wind, rain and snow storms, catastrophic flooding, and the Pacific tsunami of 2011. My favorite live broadcast though was while floating in the clouds in a hot air balloon.

The American Meteorological Society certified me as a broadcast meteorologist in 2010, the highest credential awarded to TV meteorologists.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska always felt like our neighbor, and now my husband and I are thrilled to call Anchorage home. We've enjoyed many adventures across this great state with our two young children, and I always enjoy pondering the Alaska clouds, watching the amazing sunsets and keeping Alaskans prepared for whatever weather comes your way.

If you ever have a weather question, weather story idea or weather photo, don’t be a stranger! I love to talk weather anytime.