Lauren Langford knows the value of the Bartlett High School Swimming Pool.

“This is the only Olympic size pool in the state, and with it being the only facility of its kind, it’s really really important to make sure this pool has the best,” said Langford, who is with Central Area Swimming.

She is looking for money to help improve the pool, lots of it. Langford said $100,000 is needed for phase one, which will replace the timing system. That includes the scoreboards, the touch pads, all of the wiring.

The Municipality of Anchorage said the building is structurally solid, but the clock is ticking on the timing system.

“We’ve had some meets recently where the timing system has gotten a little sketchy. Suddenly the board goes away or the meet comes to a grinding halt because of the computer system,” Langford said.

GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for Alaska’s only 50-meter pool. Langford warned the clock is ticking.

“I have been told, and I’m not sure if it was jokingly, but I have been told we are literally one computer glitch away from not having a timing system that’s not communicating correctly. I hope they were joking. They might not be and that’s scary,” said Langford, who continues to help inspire the next generation of swimmers by doing her part to keep them in the best pool possible.