Anchor / Reporter

I’m a Minnesota girl by birth but Alaskan at heart. After five years covering the state legislature in Iowa and two weeks after getting married, my husband and I packed everything we owned into a 15 foot trailer and drove the Alcan up to the Last Frontier. Life hasn’t been the same.

I moved to Alaska because I wanted to tell interesting stories and let me tell you I have not been disappointed. From the first elderly care subsistence program in the nation in Kotzebue to the island of Kodiak, which runs on 99.7% green energy to the scientists in Warm Springs Bay tracking humpback whale populations, I am honored to have been invited to share their experiences.

When I’m not at work, you’ll likely find my family in the mountains. We are avid hikers and hope to inspire a love of the outdoors in our kids. I think it’s working: my 3 year-old daughter wants to be a volcanologist when she grows up. Our goal is to stamp their National Parks Passport in every Alaska park – so far, we’re 4 for 8. On the 4th of July, you’ll find me in Seward, where I take part in the annual slog up and down a 3,022 foot mountain. Every  year, I suffer through the Mount Marathon race asking myself why I torture my body. The moment after I cross the finish line, I’m plotting what I’ll do different next year to be faster. But the runners I’ve met through the race inspire me to climb mountains no matter how long it takes and relish the view from the top.

But the best story I’ve written so far in Alaska by far are my two children: Charlotte and August Wrangell, named after our favorite Alaska National Park and volcano.