Packing my life and my cat into a car and driving from Texas to Alaska in the Summer of 2015 was the most exciting, scariest, and best decision I've ever made. Though I'd never set foot in Alaska before, or really considered moving this far North, when I got the opportunity to be part of the KTVA team, I couldn't resist.

Fast forward a few years, and I can't picture life without the mountains, no water will ever be as good as the water I've tasted on top of glaciers, and my Alaska adventure list grows at twice the speed that I can check items off. You'll still hear me drop a "y'all," or two, when out working on a story, but this Texan feels right at home here in the Last Frontier!

My Bachelor's degree in Convergence Journalism from Southern Methodist University prepared me for my first job as a news reporter at the CBS affiliate in Sherman, Texas, near where I grew up. During my time there, I covered stories all over North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, including tornadoes, historic flooding, and I witnessed and reported on the lethal injection of the oldest death row inmate executed in Texas.

As part of the KTVA team, I've experienced Alaska in a way I'd never imagined. From traveling to villages in Bristol Bay to tell stories about the impacts of potential cuts to rural education funding, to being with Alaskans in Fairbanks the night the Fairbanks Four were released from prison, to documenting Alaskans' participation in the Women's March on Washington of 2017 in the middle of a blizzard, to reporting on Anchorage's spice epidemic, and record breaking year of homicides, in which a serial killer walked our streets, I have been honored to tell your stories.  

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