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Tennis courts approved by Anchorage Assembly

By KTVA CBS 11 News 9:14 AM December 18, 2013

The new facility will be in West Anchorage in the Turnagain neighborhood

ANCHORAGE- After months of debate, the match over tennis courts in Anchorage ended Tuesday night with the Anchorage Assembly approving $4.4 million for a new multipurpose facility that includes tennis courts.

The Alaska Tennis Association had asked the Legislature for $7.2 million for the facility.

In May, the Municipality of Anchorage received $37 million from the State of Alaska for “Project 80s”; money meant to go toward improving existing municipal facilities. The Assembly then appropriated $26.5 million. It has been debating how to spend the remaining $10.5 million ever since.

The debate continued at Tuesday night’s meeting.

During the hour and a half debate, numerous amendments were introduced, passed, and at one point vetoed by the mayor  – a veto the Assembly promptly overturned. In the end, the Assembly approved the funds for the facility.

After the vote, some people in the audience expressed their frustration. They said they were confused and gave up following what was going on.

Here’s what the Assembly approved:

- A resolution transferring the remaining $10.5 million in state funds to Anchorage’s Public Works Department.

- $4.438 million for improvements at Sullivan Arena.

- $1.1 million for upgrades at Ben Boeke Arena.

- $520,000 for repairs to Demsey Anderson Arena.

- $4.4 million to begin work on a new, multipurpose facility that will include tennis courts.

The new facility will be in West Anchorage in the Turnagain neighborhood. Along with tennis courts, it will also include basketball and volleyball courts.

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