If you were to live to 100 years old, which stories from your life would stick with you? Would you have any regrets?

Well, there is one missed opportunity that 99-year-old Sidney Walton can't stop thinking about; he spent Tuesday in Anchorage hoping to make up for it.

The World War II veteran served in the army for the entire war and says he has always regretted skipping an opportunity to meet some of the last surviving Civil War veterans.

Walton is now on a mission to visit every state to give people a rare opportunity to meet one of the oldest surviving veterans of the Second World War.

Walton is traveling with his son Paul.

When his father turned 94, the younger Walton realized his dad didn’t have much time left and wanted to make sure he lived it to the fullest.

Paul sold most of his belongings and started on the tour they’ve dubbed the first ever “National No Regrets Tour.”

“The older he gets, the more I appreciate my dad, and he is so jovial and happy to be meeting people and people to be meeting my dad,” Paul Walton said. “I'm not sure I could ever be happier in my life,”

The father-son duo is traveling to all 50 states in the union to meet with every governor.

Alaska is the Waltons' thirteenth stop on their cross-country trip. He met with Gov. Bill Walker on Tuesday afternoon. Walker, whose father is also a WWII veteran, thanked Walton for his service.

Sidney turns 100 years old in February. He plans to spend his next birthday at the White House visiting President Trump.

During Sidney's flight to Alaska Monday evening, the pilot made an announcement introducing Sidney to the rest of the passengers and thanking him for his service. Watch the moment here:

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