For Steve Garrity, the answer is simple. He's answering his calling. 

It's why he began Hoop Camp 25 years ago. He doesn't get paid, nor do any of his volunteers as he travels around the country and the world putting together different camps for people of all ages and levels of disabilities. A former UAA basketball player in the '90s, he's in Anchorage finishing two days of basketball camps at the O'Malley Sports Complex. The money comes from donations and his own pocket. 

"I started this camp as a way to give back to those who are less fortunate in our community, he said. "In the special needs community, there's lots of activities available up to about high school and then the faucet is just turned off completely and there's very little opportunity for activity and sporting events for those out of high school."

They work on skills and having fun with a unique twist.

"We're unified so we have campers without special needs that participate as well. Our foundation is about diversity, inclusion and acceptance."

He intends to come back to Anchorage in the future for another event.

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