It's back-to-school week-- a week dedicated to helping you relieve some of the stress, that comes at the start of a new school year. Especially when it comes to shopping for those supplies and that back-to-school wardrobe.

The older the kid, the more expensive it'll be. According to Backpack Index Data, parents will spend $637 for a kid in elementary school, $941 for a middle schooler and $1,355 for a high school student.

The National Retail Fund reports shoppers are projected to spend upwards of $82.8 billion on back-to-school supplies.
More parents are buying supplies this year than last year-- including clothes, shoes and technology.

Parents plan to spend more on back-to-school related items than they did in 2017.

This year, they will spend:

$189 on clothes, versus $153 last year
$186 on electronics, versus $121 last year
$95 on shoes, versus $71 last year
$45 on backpacks, versus $33 last year

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