The Alaska SeaLife Center says they are treating a harbor seal pup after it was found injured near Clam Gultch. 

According to the facility's website, the pup has swollen flippers and some bone damage. Veterinarians are treating him for potential bone infections and making sure he gets proper nutrition as he heals. 

"Veterinary staff hope he can recover without surgery, but while his mobility has improved and swelling has subsided, an operation is not yet off the table," the Facebook post read.

According to the SeaLife Center's communications coordinator Chloe Rossman, the staff have not tracked any infections, but he is still on antibiotics to make sure he doesn't get worse. She said his injuries are unusual, so the staff is unsure how he was hurt. 

Currently, the little guy hasn't had a problem with eating fish and is in a contained area where he has access to water. Rossman said the staff is unsure how long it will take him to get better, but once he is completely healed, he will be released back into the wild. 

Rossman added that another harbor seal that taken in after it was found alone near Homer, at just one-week-old in May, will be released sometime in mid-August. 

Whenever animals are released back into the wild, Rossman said they try to return them to the area they were originally found. 

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