If you don’t have to go to the Mat-Su Central Landfill, stay away.

That’s the message from Landfill Supervisor Terry Berger after a computer virus shut down the Mat-Su Borough’s network.

Staff is using a calculator and a price cheat sheet to figure out payments, then writing the information on a hand ticket. That means checkout is slower.

Earlier this week, Berger said it was a 45-minute wait to leave the landfill. He expects that to increase up to two hours on Saturday if they get their usual 600 customers.

"We already have a slow time leaving because a lot of people use credit cards and the credit card machines only work so fast,” Berger said.

People are urged to bring cash or a check to speed up the process.

Berger said they developed the hand ticket system because their computers have gone down before but they still needed to keep operations going.

“For us, it was kind of seamless,” Berger said.

He said most of the work for staff will come when the network is back because they’ll have a backlog of thousands of hand tickets that need to go into the system.

“We’re going to have to get some extra staff, bring them in, we’re all going to have to sit down and hand punch all the information back in,” Berger explained.

Borough WiFi was working by Friday afternoon, and email was also expected to be restored Friday for personnel in charge of critical services.

The Mat-Su Borough IT director said they hope to get essential services back online by next week. It could take up to a month for every department to function normally.

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