Each week the pressure will increase. And that's fine with Soldotna. 

As the Stars embark on another season, "The Streak" has morphed and become a talking point. How could it not? So, it's time to embrace it. And they have.

Soldotna football's record run has become a mark of excellence-- not only in Alaska-- but around the nation. They've won 59 straight games, equating to six state titles. The only high school in America with a longer run is Kimberly of Wisconsin, which has won 70 games. The Papermakers, as they're known, are no paper tigers, having won five championships in the Badger State.

But Wisconsin is in Big 10 country. This is Alaska. And somehow, these Stars have aligned and established their own dominance.

"When it first started, we didn’t talk about it at all, we just ignored it," said Soldotna head coach Galen Brantley Jr. "We never brought up the streak, it was something we didn’t focus on, and to be honest with you, it kind of initially happened on its own."

Now winter is over and so is the celebration of another crown. It's time to get back to business. 

"Put all of that to the side," said junior running back Aaron Faletoi at the Stars' second official practice on Wednesday. "One game at a  time." 

Eventually, it will come to an end. 

"Somewhere along the lines, it is good motivation, there's going to be a time when the streak goes away, it's going to happen," said Brantley.

But for now, they intend to stay.

However, they'll begin with less experience than in years past. This group features only five seniors to go along with five juniors who started last year. Their season opens up August 10 at home with West. 

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