Anchorage Police are asking for the public's help finding a recently freed domestic violence suspect.

A spokesperson says 23-year-old Marcus Mewborn, who was just released from jail, showed up at his ex-girlfriend's home unannounced.

They say Mewborn wanted to know who was in the house and then punched the woman in the face while she was holding their 9-month-old child. Police say Mewborn took off, and are now looking for him.

Anyone with information about Mewborn is asked to call police at 311.

In a separate case earlier this month, police say a tip recently led them to a man wanted for pushing, slapping, punching and choking his girlfriend while she was walking to a bus stop.

Gene Martin, 53, was the subject of a recent police bulletin.

A police spokesperson says Martin punched the woman to the point she almost passed out. Martin then allegedly choked her so severely the woman ended up taking a bus to a medical facility. Police dispatch got a tip that Martin was at an Anchorage home. Officers found him there and arrested him.

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