Quite often, the weather is a talking point in the run-up to a major contest. Then once it begins, folks forget about the elements.

It's unlikely the conditions won't be bypassed Wednesday when the ninety-first running of Mount Marathon takes off from Seward.

On Monday, the temperature reached into the 60s on the mountain. By mid-week, it could press 70 and beyond. Whatever the number, runners are preparing for an arduous climb up the 3,022-foot rock which has Alaskans coming back every July 4th.  

"I'm lowering my expectations," said Hillary Nicol of San Francisco. "I think I'll try and get the same time as last year (1:39:11) because the heat, it kills me. But it's beautiful!" 

Jamin Agosti agreed. 

"It's hot, not too much of a cool breeze up here. It'll slow me down a bit but it is what it is."

That's a good philosophy to have on a day when water and sunscreen will likely be popular items.

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