Alaska’s single largest toy store is no more, after a month-long liquidation sale.

A sign posted at the Toys “R” Us store on King Street off Dimond Boulevard announced its final closure, as the national toy-store chain shuts down its final stores.

A cherry-picker truck crew was removing a banner advertising its closure sale shortly before the doors closed for the last time at 7 p.m. Wednesday. The store had survived a January round of 180 U.S. store closures, but a bankruptcy filing for the chain proved fatal.

A sign announces the closure of the Anchorage Toys

A sign posted in the window thanked employees, promising that they would be “never forgotten.”

Inside the store, just a few people gathered to examine a single shelf containing the nearly 58,000-square-foot’s remaining goods for sale.

Empty shelves dominated the Anchorage Toys

When a former Toys “R” Us kid KTVA reporter asked about the price of the single toylike item still on hand – a guide for the video game Ghost Recon: Wildlands, originally priced at $24.99 – a clerk replied, “One cent – but you’ll have to pay credit, since we can’t accept cash.”

All of the goods which were still available for sale at the Anchorage Toys

When the reporter reached for his wallet, she laughed: “Actually, just take it. No charge!”

A handwritten sign at the Anchorage Toys

The remaining 200 Toys “R” Us have variable closure dates this week, but CNN reports that all are set to close by Friday.

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