The Salvation Army is no longer accepting donations at their Anchorage and Wasilla stores.

The situation is temporary while the stores reorganize and change their business model, but it's prompted a number of customers to ask if the stores are shutting down.

"We are definitely not closing, in fact, we are expanding our services in the Anchorage community," according to Salvation Army Capt. Peter Pemberton.

Pemberton said a different branch of the Salvation Army is taking over the stores, and, for the first time, will be giving the money they raise to a variety of Salvation Army programs.

"What that means for the community is that the store income will go to support not only men in recovery but also women in recovery," said Pemberton. "It will also go to support families in homeless situations that need a place to stay."

Pemberton said programs for seniors and food pantries will also get a part of the money raised from thrift store sales, adding that money raised from the Anchorage stores will stay in Anchorage, while money raised at the Wasilla store will stay in the Valley.

The Salvation Army stores are all open regular hours during the transition, according to Pemberton, with the exception of the Eagle River store, which closed about a week ago. He said they hope to begin accepting donations again in the beginning of July.

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