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Mt. Baldy is one of Eagle River's most popular hiking locations.

Robin Philips, with the Alaska Outdoors hiking group, led the way to the top of Mount Baldy, which sits a little over 3,000-feet high.

This popular trail starts out on a gravel road that heads uphill and then levels out to travel through a segment of thick alders before climbing above the tree line.

The easy-to-follow trail provides good views of the town of Eagle River and the Eagle River Valley.

To get to the parking lot, from the Old Glenn Highway, take Eagle River Loop, then take Upper Skyline Drive, which you take to the end to reach the trailhead, where you can park on the side of the road.

Whether you are hiking alone or you have the family with you, Baldy is an attainable goal. The trail is rated easy to moderate. The trail can be steep in places closer to the summit, but it is a great place to bring a family.

All sorts of berries can be found along the trail during the summer months and the occasional wildlife sighting should be expected.

Hiking to the top early in the season, however, can be a challenge. Early in the year, the trail is usually covered in snow, ice and mud. Be careful if you choose a day early in the season or right after rain because the trail will inevitably be slick.

Once you reach the top you are instantly presented with scenic views of Anchorage, Mt. Susitna, and Denali (Mt. McKinley) in the distance.

If you are a strong hiker who hikes a lot, you can do this under two hours.

Here is the behind the scenes of the hike:

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As with any hike, be very careful on the descent. The trail can be very steep in places, so take your time coming down the mountain. This is especially important if the trail is wet.

This is a perfect hike to stop by when you are on your way out of Anchorage.

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