The camper parked in Bill Guernsey's driveway looks like something you might see in a comic book from the 1950s or ‘60s.

That's intentional. Nicknamed the "Atomic Camper," it's in the shape of a bright red rocket.

Guernsey, who built it from scratch, says it's a tribute to his Cold War-era childhood when atomic was definitely in.

"If you peruse the old magazines, everything was atomic," said Guernsey. "I mean, you could find atomic toothpaste! So that whole atomic theme with the atomic age coming on, it was part of my life growing up."

There's a water heater that looks like a nuclear reactor and solar panels on the roof. Guernsey said the camper runs completely off the solar-charged battery.

Inside, the camper is filled with space-themed gadgets. Some of them functional, and others are just for show.

Guernsey said the camper has provided he and his wife with several years of adventures on the road as they camped all over Alaska. Along the way, he said, it's attracted plenty of attention from people who wanted to take tours or pictures.

Although the camper has given them plenty of pleasure, Guernsey recently decided to sell it. In part, he said, to make room for all the other projects he wants to persue.

A listing on Facebook and several other sites brought offers immediately, according to Guernsey. In the end, he sold it to a fellow Alaskan-- a sci-fi fan who says he can't wait to take the camper out and meet the people it attracts. The new owner said he won't be shy about giving the unique creation the attention it deserves.

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