A UPS cargo jet hit a light at the end of a Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport runway earlier this week, forcing the aircraft to land again for repairs.

Airport spokesperson Trudy Wassel says the Boeing 747 freighter hit a runway light taking off from Runway 25R, which ends at the east edge of the airport bordered by Jewel Lake Road. The damaged light has since been fixed.

A Federal Aviation Administration report on the incident said it occurred at about 7 p.m. Monday Alaska time. After the impact, the jet “landed and upon landing [it] blew a tire and was towed.” Nobody was injured during the sequence of events.

UPS spokesman Jim Mayer declined to discuss Thursday why UPS Flight 63's landing gear struck the runway light. Before landing, he said, the crew dumped some of the 747’s fuel to reduce its maximum takeoff weight to its maximum landing weight.

“UPS Airlines places the highest emphasis on safety,” Mayer wrote. “We will participate in any investigation to determine what caused the incident and will take corrective action accordingly.”

National Transportation Safety Board officials in Washington, D.C. said the incident isn’t being investigated by the NTSB because it doesn’t meet board standards for an accident. FAA officials also had no further comment on the incident.

Wassel said the jet was taken to the airport’s UPS hangar. Since then, Mayer said, the aircraft has returned to service.

Dave Leval and Scott Gross contributed information to this story.

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