Mikki Easley and friends decided to spend part of their day at Potter Creek Trail -- until a change of plans.

"I don't want any bears attacking me," said Easley, after she saw signs that warn people the trails are not safe after someone spotted a black bear and her cubs near a moose kill.

"I'll just go somewhere safer," said Easley.

That's good advice says Alaska Fish and Game spokesperson Ken Marsh.

"Not only are there bears in the area, there are bears on the kill, that may be defending that kill, and may become aggressive," Marsh said.

The sighting has closed Potter Creek and a portion of the Turnagain Arm Trail until further notice.

It's not the only bear sighting on Sunday -- Amber Stull came across a black bear while she and others took part in the annual Gold Nugget Triathlon.

"It was on the road, and I just made a lot of noise, and it took off into the woods," said Stull.

Good job Amber says Marsh when she made that noise.

"More than anything, it just makes them aware that you're coming, that way you avoid a surprise encounter," said Marsh, which is exactly what the athletes got.

A cow moose and her two calves took a break along the JBER fence next to the bike trail. Anchorage Police arrived to protect them, and the athletes as they passed. Police said the moose made eight threatening moves towards them. Marsh is not surprised.

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"She's going to be real defensive of that calf," Marsh said.

Meanwhile, back at Potter Creek Trail, more disappointment for those who wanted to go for a hike.

"I just got in from Texas, so, I'm not interested in seeing any bears," said Erica Jolley, at least not up close.

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