Located in Midtown on Tudor between Lake Otis Parkway and Old Seward, David Green Park is great for any parent on the way to and from an appointment in the U-Med District, or any parent itching for a new and interesting park to try out with their kiddos.

David Green is an all-inclusive park and the favorite of kids in the Arc of Anchorage’s after school program, The Clubhouse. However, the reason I like it so much is that this park isn’t just for kids with disabilities-- my 4-year-old now claims it’s her favorite park and my 1-year-old won’t get off the swing.

Best feature: the AstroTurf-like ground. It’s great not only because wheelchairs can power right on in and get around easily, it also provides a cushier ground for my just-walking kiddo AND absorbs the rain. Even though we were there right after it had been sprinkling all day long, the ground was in great condition and my little ones left DRY. I know, it’s a small miracle, right?

Other favorites: the wheelchair accessible swing doubles as a calm, relaxing ride for smaller kiddos.

My 1-year old fell asleep after I pushed him for about 40 minutes.

The “spinny things,” for lack of a better term, was my 4-year-old’s favorite. However, there’s a warning: Charlotte was so dizzy she fell over after her first try because those things go so fast! I tried it and I almost fell over, too! The key is pushing off at a slower pace than you want because by the time you pull your foot in you’re going so fast you can barely hang on!

Best for ages: a sign near the front of the park says it’s best for ages 5 to 12. However, my 4-year-old had a blast. The climbing jungle is high but not too high and the slides are perfect for my 14-month-old. They’re sticky and he can go down by himself without that parent moment of panic that your kid is gonna fly off the end and land on their head. That being said, I would point out that the majority of kids there were from about 6 to 11 and they seemed to be having the most fun.

Downside: there’s a slide that dumps into what’s supposed to be a sand pit, but it’s mostly filled with water right now. I turned around and my 14-month-old was almost to the top of the stairs and about to launch himself down face first.

What parents will appreciate: there’s a large grassy area that’s perfect for baseball or football pickup games. I loved the shelter area with picnic tables and a few grills in case it rained or you wanted to have lunch or a party there. There is one port-o-potty at the back of the parking lot, which by the way has 13 spots. It’s fine most of the time, but when I was there at peak play time (about 6 p.m.) there was only one spot left.

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