From bluegrass and innovative rock and roll to acclaimed Broadway performances, the new season of shows presented by The Anchorage Concert Association will not disappoint.

Laura Carpenter with The Anchorage Concert Association joined Daybreak on Thursday with some of the highlights of over 25 shows coming this season.

The Book of Mormon is the most popular show that ACA subscribers are already flocking to.

"The New York Times calls in the best musical of the century, and Entertainment Weekly called it the funniest musical of all time and will be here in October," Carpenter said. 

Second City will also be performing. They're a prestigious sketch comedy group from Chicago, that has super-star alumni like Tina Fey, Steven Colbert and several cast members from SNL.

Joan Osborn will be performing the music of Bob Dylan.

Carpenter was treated to a preview of the show.

"I got to see a preview in New York City...This high caliber singer/songwriter is taking her own stance on Bob Dylan," she said. "He's an excellent songwriter and it's interesting to see her do her own interpretation."

OK GO is a rock band best known for their inventive music videos on YouTube. They famously produced one in which the band members are all on treadmills and do an elaborate routine using them and even did a video in zero gravity.

"They pledged to bring that science mastery to their concert," Carpenter said.

And there is also the Tony award-winning play, Spamalot. It is the Broadway version of the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Currently, the only way to purchase tickets to these shows is to have a subscription from The Anchorage Concert Association.

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