It's not uncommon for Alaskan high schools to travel to the Lower 48 for some out-of-state competition. On occasion, schools will take the long ride up to the 49th State. 

This summer, with school and the football season just underway, Cesar Chavez High School from Phoenix will do it and pair up with East for an August 17 tilt in Anchorage.

"A lot of our kids, probably 30 out the 35, have never been on an airplane, and probably 20 of them have never been out of the Valley, the greater Phoenix area," said Chavez Athletic Director Lenny Doerfler. 

The idea was his. Unlike the kids and even the coaches, Doerfler does know Alaska well. 

"Last 19 years, I've been working the All-Alaska Football Camp out at Colony High School in Palmer." 

The team will travel up early in the week to make this about more than a sports trip. They'll see the sights and take in what Alaska has to offer. And in mid-August, it should be a welcome relief given the high heat Phoenix will be sporting. 

In 2019, East will return the favor and head to Arizona.

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