A volcanic eruption on Hawaii's Big Island intensified over the weekend, with some people potentially stranded in their homes.  The eruption of Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii's Big Island has spewed vast amounts of lava for more than three days and nights. 

Hundreds of earthquakes have also rocked the area, and more volcanic cracks opened in the ground over the weekend. At least 31 homes and other structures have been destroyed.

About 1,700 people living nearby have been evacuated.

Authorities have locked down the Leilani Estates neighborhood in Pahoa, more than 25 miles from the Kilauea Volcano. No residents are going in right now.

Emergency management sent out a cellphone alert late last night, warning everyone who was still in the neighborhood to get out. But CBS News has learned there are still some people inside, and police say they're not going in to get them.

Correspondent Carter Evans got a view of the area flying overhead. From the air, lines of smoke show where lava is flowing through the Leilani Estates as homes continue to burn.

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