A man was shot and wounded near Anchorage’s Centennial Park Saturday afternoon, with police describing the encounter as “isolated and not random.”

Initial reports of shots fired near Starview Drive and Boundary Avenue reached police at about 4 p.m., APD spokesman MJ Thim wrote in a statement, followed by a report that the shooting victim was at the Fred Meyer on DeBarr Road about half an hour later.

Investigators learned that a group of males and a woman had met near the intersection just before an altercation, which led to the shooting.

“The victim and an adult female got into a vehicle and the rest of the males got into another vehicle,” Thim wrote. “Both vehicles left the scene.”

The man’s wounds aren’t life-threatening, according to police.

“As the victim was being treated for his injuries at the hospital, additional gunshot wounds to his upper body were discovered that he didn’t report.” Thim wrote.

Thim said Saturday evening that the victim and shooters were “acquainted in some way.” Although the victim has been cooperating with officers, several details of the shooting remain under investigation.

“We don’t know what he and the adult female were doing between the time that they left the park and the time they decided to go to the Fred Meyer and report that he had a gunshot wound,” Thim said. “We’re not sure what he was doing, or why he did not call 911 right away or report that he had other wounds.”

Police are asking anyone with information or surveillance video from the shooting to call APD at 311, or contact Anchorage Crime Stoppers at 907-561-STOP or through its website.

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