An avalanche caught on camera has some snowmachiners reminding others about the dangers in the backcountry.

Rob Conrad captured the video on May 2 in Hatcher Pass. He said several groups were riding in the same area when “unknown to us, a rider from the other group decided to go above everyone and broke off a piece of the cornice above us all!”

Warning: There is graphic language in the video below. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Conrad has recorded several avalanches and said he regularly posts backcountry safety tips on his Instagram page. He said this time it was “dumb luck” the camera was pointed that way.

A friend of his can be seen on a snowmachine in the video. Conrad said the man “was in the direct line of danger and was seconds away from possibly losing his life.”

Conrad advises other riders to be considerate during this dangerous time of year and encourages people to “try to make smart choices in extreme situations."

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