Some would say Sheridan Perkins has an unusual love for reptiles, and she has a lot of them in the garage of her Meadow Lakes home.

Sheridan recently relocated her Valley Aquatics and Reptile Rescue to a new location in the Valley. Several weeks ago, she also acquired a new rescue, a 14-foot python named Sam.

Sam is the snake who gained fame last spring when he slipped out of his former owner's house and went missing. His disappearance caused alarm in the Wasilla neighborhood until the snake mysteriously reappeared back at home two weeks later.

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Perkins said she got the snake several weeks ago after his owner had a "family emergency." A check of court records shows David Hyde, the former owner, is now in jail, charged with assaulting a former coworker and facing attempted murder charges.

Perkins said she is prepared to keep Sam as long as necessary, adding she doesn't care about the circumstances; if there's an animal that needs a home, she's prepared to take it in without judgment.

Sam is one of hundreds of reptiles at her facility that started off as other people's pets. That includes an alligator that a local family raised in a bathtub until it got too big.

Perkins said most of the time people don't realize what they're getting into when they purchase exotic reptiles.

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Perkins said she hopes to expand her facility at her new location and eventually build permanent habitats for many of the animals. She has a GoFundMe page but says said freezer burned meat and fish, as well as light bulbs, are also needed.

More information is available on her Facebook page

Editor's Note: In KTVA's previous story, we reported the snake was 17-feet-long-- as this is what the owner told us. Lauren Maxwell learned during her reporting this go-round that the snake is closer to 14-feet in length.

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