The North by North Festival captures the spirit of Alaska and the Arctic while addressing the challenges and opportunities in front of it. It returns to the Anchorage Museum this week with a lineup of speakers, work sessions, music, films and more.

Nils Andreassen, executive director of The Institute of the North, joined KTVA's Daybreak to highlight the significance of the event.

"North by North focuses on innovation and resilience in Alaska and around the Arctic," said Nils. "It brings together circumpolar expertise, Alaskans and combines that to address challenges that really the globe is facing." 

Regarding the importance of this event, which highlights ways arctic cultures can continue to develop and thrive through sustainable methods, Nils said, "The festival itself fits the broader innovation ecosystem that we see expanding and growing in Alaska."

"We want to grow Arctic awareness within Alaska in a place setting for Alaskans," Nils said. "We hope that people are more aware of where the state's at, its Arctic expertise, leadership role, and come away with relationships not just with each other, but with these other Arctic nations".

The North by North Festival takes place Thursday, April 26 through April 29 at the Anchorage Museum. For more information and to register,  click here

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