A bit of a gloomy forecast, but that's not stopping many of you from getting ready to garden. In this "Harvesting Alaska," there are some steps you can take to get your garden to grow this summer.

With spring here, this is the important time if you want to garden this summer to start planning to know what type of plants you want, as well as how to fix your soil.

Mike Monterusso with the Alaska Botanical Garden says it's still a little early to start planting but people start preparing for this gardening season.

"If we are not getting enough rain, then you need to start thinking about adding moisture to your soil," said Monterusso. "If it feels dry, you can also add compost to your soil to make sure it's ready for planting. We've got another three weeks or so before you can plant everything, in fact, some of those annuals, in particular, you might want to wait a little bit longer."

What are the different types of plants that you can start planting now or what you should be careful in for choosing this plant?

"The vegetables and annual plants are the color plants, they are kind of the same as far as you don't want to plant them too soon because the cold temps at night could be a problem for those," said Monterusso. "Perennials can be planted a little earlier provided they've been hardened off so they aren't just going from your greenhouse directly into the soil that's a bit of a shock for them. So give them a transition."

In a month, the Alaska Botanical Gardens is having a plant sale to help people chose which pants should be in their area and how to plant them.

"So our plant sale is Saturday, May 19," said Monterusso. "It's a really exciting time for us because it's really the kick off for our summer season. It's a bit of an art form so everyone has their preferences of what kind of plants you're looking for and most people into gardening aren't afraid to try something new because maybe it would work out, maybe it won't, but you learn something in the process."

Monterusso says there are some tips he would give gardeners this year.

"Watch the weather," said Monterusso. "Keep an eye on your forecast. Make sure that you're ready. A lot of people have starting seeds in their houses already so making sure that those are being taken care of while watching those nighttime temperatures because if it's too low your flowers you lose your foliage if it's too cold.

Gardening season won't begin until mid-May, but experts say the earlier you plan the better growth you will see in your garden.

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