An Anchorage man is facing several assault charges after striking his girlfriend on the head, choking and biting her, according to charging documents filed last week. 

Anthony Jerome Quapaw, 43, is charged with one count each of second- and fourth-degree assault. 

Last Monday morning, Anchorage Police officers were called to the Chevron on Boniface Parkway on reports of an assault. The victim told police she had been assaulted at her boyfriend's parent's house. 

The victim stated that after arriving at the home, Quapaw confronted her, asking where his stuff was. Then, the charging documents state, Quapaw grabbed her cellphone and tried taking some of her other items. The victim began to pack but was allegedly struck in the back of the head, causing her to fall onto the bed. 

The victim stood up, but Quapaw grabbed her, spun her around and grabbed her around the throat with his right arm in a choke hold, lifting her off the ground as she struggled, the charging documents allege. 

The victim told police she became dizzy, seeing stars, and tapped Quapaw's arms repeatedly before passing out for about 20 seconds. The victim stated she thought she was going to die. 

When the woman regained consciousness, she called out to Quapaw's mother and sister, along with yelling at Quapaw to not do that again, pointing a finger at him. The documents state Quapaw then grabbed her hand and bit her finger. 

Quapaw's sister helped clean up the victim's finger and gave her a band-aid because it was bleeding, the documents say. The victim told officers that her throat was sore and tender to the touch, that it was hard to swallow, and she was suffering pain around her jaw. 

Quapaw has prior convictions for armed robbery, burglary, theft of a firearm and felony kidnapping, according to the bail information present in the charging documents. 

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