Sierra Scott is the reigning Ms. Woman United States, an award-winning journalist and a popular speaker. She's in Anchorage for a few speaking events, including visiting children and their families in hospitals in town.

She joined KTVA's Daybreak to discuss how she plans to spend her time in Alaska.

"I'm speaking at a Lion's Convention, Rotary Club, speaking with children", said Sierra, "We're going to be just about everywhere".

As Ms. Woman United States, Sierra has a platform which she represents, and as she says, "Every time you go to a city or visit, they want you to do community service within the community, which I love.

"This was one of the things that I always believed in".

Sierra was also asked of how speaking to children in hospitals and their families has affected her, "What I've learned from the kids, the value of a positive attitude and always thinking the best and always trying to do your best. It's just amazing to be around these kids".

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