Try to keep pace. Tomorrow's future runners were out in full force Friday at the Providence Health Park. It was all about having a good time and sending an important message to the kids: it's never too early to think about a healthy lifestyle.

"The older I get I realize having to take care of my body would have been better at a younger age," said Wayne Lamagdeine of the Providence Child Development Center. "I think starting off at a younger age is a much better choice." 

Youngster Saniya Raszewka agreed-- at least about the running around part.

"I feel happy because we were going on an event and we got balloons and medals."

But the statistics for staying heart healthy cannot be ignored. Dustin Morris from the American Heart Association says parents can get their children on the path now. Heart disease is the number one killer in the country.

"Eighty percent of what causes it is preventable," he said. "So if we can teach young people to have healthy habits that they carry forward through the rest of their lives, they're less likely to have a cardiac event when they are older."

Good advice-- even for a little one. 

And the running is fun, too. 

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