Injured Anchorage firefighter Ben Schultz did some therapy Thursday that didn’t quite look like therapy.

He placed IV’s in some dummies and intubated them. That is where a tube is placed down someone’s throat to provide oxygen to vital organs, such as the brain.

A faculty member of Metropolitan Community College in Omaha assisted Schultz with the EMS skills. A therapist was also present to observe Schultz’s cognitive capacity. For instance, does he remember how to perform EMS measures that he has performed over and over again?

Schultz continues his recovery at QLI Rehabilitation Campus in Omaha, Nebraska. The facility specializes in treating people with traumatic brain injury. 

While working on the intubation skills, Schultz estimated that he has performed the measure about a hundred times. On one occasion first responders performed the measure on him.

“I needed one of these after the accident because I wasn’t breathing, he said.

That accident Schultz refers to is the reason he’s in rehab. 

Last June, Schultz fell from near the top of a 100-foot ladder during some training outside the station. He was the only one there at the time. But other firefighters heard him fall and rushed to help him.

“It’s thanks to their training, and the same training I had, that I’m alive today,” he said.

Schultz says he will remain at the Omaha facility for now. He hopes to return to Anchorage in June.

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