As voters are filing into the election centers Tuesday for the last day of voting, Muni clerks say it is going pretty smoothly so far.

Initially, there were some concerns about residents knowing where to take their ballots with the new mail-in ballot system, but the clerk’s office says residents are very informed this year.

"We are really excited and happy with the number of ballot envelopes that we've been received at the election center, so we think that voters are doing exactly as they should and they've learned how to vote by mail and it’s exciting,” said Carolyn Hall, elections educator.

Hall says the former precincts from previous years were also prepped just in case a voter didn’t know what to do.

"We've been in touch with our former polling locations-- all 122 of them-- many times over the last weeks or months in order to try to mitigate any voter confusion that may potentially occur on election day,” said Hall. “We relayed posters and informational materials to make sure they were well prepared on election day should people not get the message that we are vote-by-mail."

Monitors at old polling places say they haven't seen any voters come through by mistake. 

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