Cosmopolitan magazine will no longer be found in Walmart's checkout line. 

The nation's biggest retailer is yielding to pressure from an activist group that says it's been working behind the scenes with Walmart for months to make checkout aisles "family-friendly and sexploitation-free."

In a victory statement posted on its website, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation said the retailer's decision means that in more than 5,000 stores across the U.S., people "will no longer be automatically exposed to Cosmo's hypersexualized and degrading article titles."

"Walmart will continue to offer Cosmopolitan to customers that wish to purchase the magazine, but it will no longer be located in the checkout aisles. While this was primarily a business decision, the concerns raised were heard," Meggan Kring, a spokesperson for the retailer, said in an emailed statement.

Walmart follows Kroger (KR), the nation's largest supermarket chain, which said earlier this month that it would pull publications that focus on assault-style rifles from its shelves

"All of these magazines will be moved, in isolation, to the magazine racks," Haley Halverson, NCSE's vice president of advocacy and outreach, told a Facebook live session on Tuesday. 

NCSE, up until 2015 called Morality in Media, has for years campaigned to knock Cosmo from store shelves, likening its content to pornography. The group in 2015 succeeded in getting two major chains -- RiteAid and Delhaize America, which owns Hannaford Stores and Food Lion -- to put the magazine behind blinders in their stores. 

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