An Anchorage man was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend last week.

Around 2 a.m. Thursday, Anchorage Police responded to the 7900 block of Little Dipper Avenue where a woman reported she'd been assaulted by her boyfriend, Jacob Brisendine.

She told officers the two had been out at bars earlier in the night and that Brisendine got angry with her after they got home because she wanted to smoke outside.

According to court documents, Brisendine grabbed her by the shirt collar and tried to pull her inside, then grabbed her neck and pushed her against the house.

Officers say when she tried to scream for help, Brisendine squeezed her throat, told her to shut up, slammed her head against the wall, slapped her face and punched her in the stomach before she was able to run away and call police from a neighbor's house.

Officers say they contacted Brisendine that same night at the Arctic Valley Road gate to Fort Richardson where he had been detained by JBER security.

Brisendine allegedly told officers he and the woman had gone out drinking and that he had smoked some marijuana; he claimed the woman attacked him and he only pushed her once.

After conducting field sobriety tests, officers arrested Brisendine and recorded his BAC as .138, nearly twice the legal limit.

Court documents show Brisendine has criminal convictions in California, but none in Alaska.

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