A man ripped the taser probes from his body as he ran from police last week.

Police responded Friday to a call saying a man was sitting behind the wheel of a running vehicle, passed out, in a parking lot at the 5300-block of East 26th Avenue in Anchorage.

The driver was identified as 31-year-old Calvin. C. Oktollik.

Oktollik woke up but refused to turn off the car or answer any questions. He then put the vehicle in reverse, causing the officer to fear for his safety. The officer tased Oktollik through the open driver's door window. After he was tased, Oktollik started to drive forward and hit a police car.

Oktollik tore the taser probes from his body and put his car in reverse a second time. He was tased again and continued trying to ram his way out.

Oktollik jumped from his vehicle and fled from the scene on foot. An off-duty officer responded to the area of Glacier Street and Northern Lights Boulevard and saw Oktollik jumping a fence. The officer tackled Oktollik and handcuffed him. 

A substance that tested positive for meth was found on Oktollik. He was taken to the Anchorage Jail and charged with third-degree assault, resisting arrest, misconduct involving a controlled substance and reckless driving. He also had warrants for felony probation violations.