Anchorage voters will be asked on April 3 whether to roll back some of the LGBTQ anti-discrimination protections the Anchorage Assembly passed almost three years ago.

Proposition 1 seeks to regulate public bathrooms and intimate spaces such as locker rooms on the basis of gender at birth.

Here are some of the highlights of this week’s program:

  • Prop 1 Overview: A look at groups supporting the initiative and those who oppose it.
  • Family Profile: Meet the Gillis family who raised a transgender son, C.J., now a senior at Polaris. How they reacted when C.J. told them he wasn’t meant to be their daughter.
  • Guests: Two parents of transgender children speak out – Cathy Gillis, whose son we profiled earlier in the show – and David Lockard, whose son, Col, attends East High.

This program isn’t so much about Proposition 1 but an attempt to look beyond the bathroom and what it means to raise a transgender child.

Cathy Gillis and David Lockard tell us what it was like when their children told them they did not want to identify with their birth identity – and why they eventually came to support their decision.

The numbers don’t look good for this population. Transgender people are at high risk for homelessness, poverty, and suicide – often because they fear rejection and face discrimination.

Some say this Anchorage municipal election could be an opportunity to learn more about a subject that’s been kept in the shadows.

We invited supporters of Proposition 1 to take part in our discussion but our calls were not returned.

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