Team Alaska arrived home on Sunday after another successful Arctic Winter Games.

There was a long time volunteer who wasn’t able to make it to the team made sure she was there in spirit.

Holly Odegard has been a part of the games since 1994.

"She’s done everything starting off as a coach, a mother with two boys in the games, she’s gone all the way up the line to mission staff, sport coordinator for 2014 in the host society in Fairbanks,” explained Dave Lorring, a mission staffer for Team Alaska.

After dealing with a headache for months, Odegard was diagnosed with a brain tumor in December. Within 12 hours of her diagnosis, she went into surgery and is now undergoing chemo and radiation.

"She wants to be at the games so bad but she can’t. She just started her second round of chemo,” Dave said.

He and his wife Terry wanted to make sure she stayed connected to the team so they made a “Flat Holly” and took her on a tour of Hay River, Canada.

"She’s been to dog sledding and hockey and wrestling and volleyball and different sights throughout the town, the torch,” Terry Lorring said. "I think she’s seen more of the games this year than she has in the past games because she’s always been involved in the Arctic games lately so she spends a lot of time at that venue.”

Everyone at the games sends their loves and prayers to Odegard, knowing she cheered them on from back home. They plan to see her in Whitehorse for the games in 2020.

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