The Anchorage Festival of Music presents 'Eight Songs for a Mad King', which is based on King George, III, who had lost his grip on reality.

"The songs are based on the text of the actual words of George, III," said Laura Koenig, artistic director for Anchorage Festival of Music.

The reign of King George III shed a light on mental illness in the public eye for many, as the populace could tell something was wrong.

"He had delusions, hallucinations and being the king and such a powerful man, he could not rule during these periods," said Dr.Anthony Feinstein, professor of psychiatry for the University of Toronto, "so it became a constitutional crisis in England because the king was mad and incapacitated by mental illness".

'Eight Songs for a Mad King' will be performed on Friday, March 23, at 7:30 p.m. in the UAA Recital Hall. Tickets are available at For more information head to the Anchorage Festival of Music's website.

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