A movement called Safe Families for Children is one of compassion and hospitality across the country. It gives families a place to turn when faced with a crisis, allowing their children to be looked after. It isn't foster care and it's not adoption.

"If a family is facing a crisis of any kind, maybe hospitalization or homelessness, they can call our helpline and we do an intake with them and decide if it's an appropriate fit," said Kristen Bierma, a family coach supervisor. "They can contact us and we can provide a safe place for their children for a short time."

The average stay for a child is about three weeks. No money is ever exchanged since the whole operation is run by volunteers. 

"They can call our helpline 24 hours a day and that number is 277-0925. If they want to volunteer or want to know better how to support safe families they can call us at beacon hill, that number is 222-0925."

If you would like to donate to the Safe Families for Children cause, all donations are accepted at the Beacon Hill Boutique.

You can reach them by email at safefamilies@beaconhillak.com

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