Municipal election officials said they've received at least 18,000 ballots back as undeliverable by Monday morning-- a number that more than doubled over the weekend.

Municipal clerk Barbara Jones said the ballots were sent to addresses provided by the State Voter Data Base and may not have been updated with current information. She said voters who get ballots addressed to people who don't live at their address should mark them as such and put them back in the mail. And, anyone expecting a ballot that has yet to receive one should call the voter hotline at 243-VOTE to request a new ballot.

One man who did update his information got two ballots. Richard Herron, who also goes by Rick, got a ballot addressed to both names. On Monday, Herron brought his ballots to election headquarters to get an explanation.

Turns out Herron had updated his information with the state after the city had already sent the ballots to the printer. Jones said Herron was mailed a second replacement ballot with the new information and his first ballot was voided.

"Most people understand that they did something in the state registration database that caused us to send them a replacement ballot," said Jones. "For a lot of people, if it was changing their address; they are very happy about that because otherwise, they wouldn't have gotten a ballot."

Jones said they were also issuing new ballots to 54 people whose ballots were stolen along with other mail in Chugiak on Friday. They were hoping to get them in the mail by Monday afternoon.

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