SWEETWATER, Fla. -- A newly installed pedestrian bridge that connects Florida International University (FIU) with the city of Sweetwater has collapsed, CBS Miami reports. Florida Highway Patrol confirms several people were killed. 

At least one person was taken as a trauma alert to the hospital, according to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.  

Aerial footage shows vehicles stuck underneath the 950-ton bridge. First responders were seen placing one victim in an ambulance.

"Me and my boyfriend had just driven under the bridge," witness Isabella Carrasco told CBSN. "We actually commented on how new it was ... We had heard a loud bang. At first, we thought we had hit something, and when we looked around, we realized the bridge had collapsed on multiple cars. I didn't see any pedestrians walking on the bridge. When we looked around we saw that it was much, much worse."

"So many people go through this particular intersection every day, so it's very terrifying," Carrasco added. 

Carrasco says at least five or six cars were crushed in the bridge collapse. She told CBSN she witnessed one construction worker sustain injuries to his mouth. She says authorities pulled him to the side of the road and later transported him to a hospital by ambulance. She also witnessed paramedics performing CPR on another person at the scene. 

Carrasco says students attending classes at FIU are currently on spring break.     

Construction of the bridge, which cost $14.2 million, was expected to finish in early 2019.  

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