House Reps. David Guttenberg and Ivy Spohnholz on Monday have returned to the Capitol after being briefly hospitalized.

Guttenberg, a Fairbanks Democrat, was rushed to a Juneau hospital last week after suffering a reaction to blood pressure medicine.

He was walking the Capitol halls early Monday morning with his signature look-- collar button undone and loose Windsor knot-- saying he felt much better.

Spohnholz spent last week in her Anchorage home recovering from blood clots. The Democrat returned over the weekend with her husband, Troy Bowler.

"He just came down to support me,” Spohnholz said before going on the House floor Monday morning. “He wanted to make sure I don’t work too hard my first week back. I feel about 80 percent. I’m not going to the gym this week, that’s for sure.“

A sense of relief over their return could be seen in their colleagues’ faces throughout the morning.

Their return also represents key votes for the Democratic-led caucus that holds a slim majority, 22-18.

That majority is key for major legislation such as the upcoming operating budget vote expected early next week.

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