The Empty Bowl Project is in its twenty-fourth year and has become a favored community event.

For $30, attendees take home one handmade bowl and have unlimited soup and cornbread -- with more than 1,200 bowls to choose from in all.

For one Anchorage resident, he looks forward to this event and its bowls every year.

As an avid art collector, Darrel Hess has a special place in his heart for Anchorage art. That's why he has been collecting bowls at the Empty Bowl Project for many years.

"I have trouble sleeping before it gets close to it," said Hess. "I always have the date and time on my calendar."

He's collected more than 70 bowls and many memories going to this event.

"It's like art," said Hess. "Art has to speak to me, the bowls speak to me. So if one is calling my name I have to grab it and I pity anyone who gets between me and my bowl."

To him, this event is not just about the art, it's a way for him to help the community.

"Bean's Café provides thousands of meals a year and on some days 500 meals," said Hess. "You get a beautiful piece of art, you get to run into friends that you haven't seen in awhile and you get to meet new friends. It's about building a community while helping community."

That's why Hess says he looks forward to many more years of the event.

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