Over a thousand bowls were made for the upcoming Empty Bowl Project this weekend.

The 24th annual event is the biggest event Bean's Cafè holds and one of the most successful benefits in the state -- bringing in close to $100,000 a year to help feed hungry Alaskans.

One of those bowl makers is an Eagle River High student who is hoping to make a difference one bowl at a time.

Two years ago Analisa Cederberg stepped into her first pottery class.

“I just needed an elective to fill some slots in my schedule,” said Cederberg. “Once I started getting doing it, it just really clicked for me and I just kept going from there.”

Now, she is using her clay talent to help others in need by creating a large number of bowls for this weekend's fundraiser.

“I heard about a student at Chugiak last year who made 100 bowls, so I was really inspired by him and how many he made,” said Cederberg. “I was like, 'I’ll top that'. So, I decided to make 150.”

Those bowls will be going into 150 homes across Anchorage and help feed many others.

“I’m really excited that people are going to be able to use my bowls daily within their other kitchen and things like that,” said Cederberg. “It’s also going to be going to a good cause, so I’m just excited overall.”

This task wasn’t done overnight. Cederberg has been working on these bowls since January and she wasn’t going to stop till she reached her goal.

“She was here from seven, I think I finally kicked her out at 7:30 at night, so over 12 hour days in the room was destroyed there was clay everywhere," said Jacob Bera, Eagle River art teacher. "What I found when you capture somebody’s imagination like that, the best thing as an educator you can do is just give them what they need and get other way.”

Cederberg hopes her bowls will inspire others to use their talents to give back to the community.

“I was inspired by the student from Chugiak last year, so I hope other students in the ASD can take action from this point as well,” said Cederberg.

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