It's a game that comes easy to Clayton Southwick.

"Probably since my dad gave me a basketball and I've been shooting it ever since," says the Palmer High School senior, who has played basketball for as long as he can remember.

"Just the competition of it, going out there with my teammates and going to battle-- you love it-- it's awesome," Southwick said after a recent practice.

Awesome is also how you can describe Southwick's play, as he is the Moose's leading scorer this season. But, success is not just limited to the basketball court.

Southwick carries a 3.7 GPA-- which includes advanced math. Academics is something Southwick prides himself on, besides athletics.

"You can't play sports your whole life. I think it's student-athlete for a reason-- the student comes before that because academics are going to take you places in life-- sports aren't. Sports can, too, but, academics are more important I think," says Southwick, who has managed to find the perfect balance between both.

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