A 24-year-old Anchorage woman has been accused of fraudulently receiving donations, after Anchorage police say she claimed to have suffered a miscarriage but hadn’t even been pregnant.

Kathryn M. McMahon, also known as Kate Martin, was charged with second-degree theft and scheme to defraud, according to APD spokesman MJ Thim.

“Several victims” spoke with police on Dec. 4., telling investigators that McMahon – well-known in the local birthing and midwifing community – had “claimed she was pregnant with twins only to miscarry them in November of 2017.”

“Since then it has been discovered that McMahon had never been pregnant,” Thim wrote in a statement Tuesday. “However, McMahon had received money, food, and emotional support from multiple people who believed she was pregnant.”

Police weren’t immediately available to discuss the number of victims in the scheme, or how much in funds or other goods McMahon may have been collected.

APD is asking anyone who was victimized by McMahon but hasn’t spoken with investigators to contact police at 907-786-8900. Anchorage Crime Stoppers can also take tips at 907-561-STOP or through its website.

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